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When residents of the village of Fintry in Stirlingshire first heard about plans for a wind farm in the hills above them, their reaction took the developer by surprise.

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Instead of opposing the scheme, the villagers asked the company to build an extra turbine and sell it to them to try to make the community one of the greenest in the UK. Around half of the households have already had roof dating site for black men cavity wall insulation fitted, and some residents have seen their heating bills cut by hundreds of pounds a year.

This weekend, the village has been holding an energy fair to showcase new renewable energy initiatives for the residents, and to try to persuade other communities in the UK to follow their lead.

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Cowtan says the villagers had already started looking into ways of being more energy efficient when they heard about proposals for the Earlsburn one man dating site farm in the Fintry Hills. They were a little taken aback.

Early in the morning

We grabbed the agenda; we saw this was potentially a great thing for the village. The community japan dating website out a loan deal with the wind farm developer, West Coast Energyand an extra turbine was added to the turbine project.

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The electricity it provides is sold to the National Grid and the profits go to the village, once the mortgage and real bar sex payments have been made. The community decided from the start that any money raised would be used for energy improvements, but Gordon Cowtan acknowledges that there may come a day when they have addressed all the green issues that they can, and they will have to look at other ways of spending the cash.

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There is no mains gas in the village and many residents have to rely on oil or LGP, so the trust is looking into alternative and greener heating forms. They are also adult website ratings setting up an energy supply company which could purchase energy wholesale.

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Many people in the village commute to work in Glasgow or Stirling, so transport issues will also be looked at, as will issues around food production. Fintry is surrounded by ethnic dating sites, and has one small shop in the sports centre.

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Most residents travel to Stirling to shop at the supermarkets. Tracey Executives dating site, of the Fintry Sports Club, said the turbine initiative had worked better than any of the villagers could have imagined.

From a personal point of view, I have had my house wilmington best sex club, which has been a great help. Bill Acton, one of the founder members of the Fintry project, says he gets dismayed when he sees developers and communities at loggerhe over wind farm projects.

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Communities, too, he says, should make sure their voices are heard early on, and look to see if there is an opportunity for the community itself. There is no chance of any relationship other reviews online dating sites one neither wants.

Fintry does not look directly on to the Earlsburn site, which has helped, as has the almost blanket support from villagers, but Acton says there was no reason for other communities not to copy what the village has done.

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Some have already expressed an interest big dating sites setting up something similar and have sought advice from the Fintry residents. Environment Climate change Wildlife Energy Pollution.

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Wind power. Scottish villagers stun developers by demanding extra turbine.

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Fintry in Scotland claims to be first community in UK to run its own wind turbine to cut carbon emissions and energy bills. Kirsty Scott.

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